Enter the lair of Zone, The Tyrant Hamster...

(Aspiring Tyrant Hamster then...)

8 July 1986
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This LJ is the lair of Zone, a white and brown furred Syrian (or Golden) hamster (about 6 inches tall/long), who aspires to rule the world, hence he likes to be known formally as Zone The (Aspiring) Tyrant Hamster. If Zone could be summed up in one word, it would be ambitious (or insane), he has a sharp mind and a fast tongue, and despite being such a small, cute creature he refuses to be held back or ignored. His personality is a bold yet playful one, and he can be extremely daring and cocky, as he hates to be ignored or taken for less than his full potential. He can often be a handful, for example being cheeky and teasing, and sometimes accidentally goes too far unintentionally. He does have a friendly and caring soul, but it can be missed or hidden behind his fierce ambition and drive, as he hates being held back, even by friends, though he tries to improve himself, and does regret his mistakes.

Zone's favourite colour is blue (black a close second), favourite food is ice cream (although he adores pizza too), favourite musical artist is Muse (favourite song Plug-In Baby), and his favourite possession is his red-bladed lightsabre with a 4 inch blade which he carries on him somewhere always (close second is his laser tank, which is big, even compared to human tanks).

Zone exists in the mind of a person who shall be called fyrestorming here, and if you want to talk to him, feel free to ask, he occasionally posts here but for the most part, this is a personal space for expression used by the furry tyrant in his mind.

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