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Enter the lair of Zone, The Tyrant Hamster...
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Date:2020-02-02 00:00
Subject:Welcome To My Lair

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Date:2020-01-01 00:00
Subject:The Hamster Interaction Experimental Laboratory
Mood: curious

Well, this idea was something I came up with recently, and when about 5 people threatened to SPAM up my LJ, I thought I'd better move things along (because sweeping up SPAM with a broom that weighs many many times more than you do is hard :o). Basically here's how it works, this is an open experimental environment, where you, the reader, can introduce various objects to a hamster, me, and see how I interact with them. We've got a lab for this, so there will just be me, and the room, and whatever items you leave me to play with. Basically you leave your items of choice in the comments box (maximum of 3 per person per day), and I'll interact with them whenever I get the chance to. While its up to you what you give me, I advise trying out normal things like pens, lamps, phones and so on, not just the crazy stuff I expect, I'll try to make every experiment interesting :D. And lastly, again its up to you, but don't send me too many painful things, please :o?

The Hamster Interaction Experimental Laboratory is now open for business.

Experiments Completed: 7
Experiments Pending: 3
Last Experiment: 14th September 2005

Note: For the purposes of these experiments I am referred to as "Subject".

Another Note: I changed the date on this so it should always be up front, aren't I clever :D?

SUPER NOTE: I do intend to do these, although I don't know how many more I can fit in one entry, but even though it's been like, forever, I still intend to do them some time.
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Date:2013-01-05 13:37
Mood: restless

This is a bit of an unplanned entry, but it's something I think I need to get out and said in a public sharable way as it's been inside me for a long long time, and based on how I'm reacting confronting it it's clearly, an issue to me. So I'll just drop an LJ Cut and dive right in.

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Date:2012-09-27 22:00
Subject:I Have Some Of The Best Friends Ever
Mood: indescribable

Just sayin'.
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Thanks guys <3. And everyone else who just didn't happen to be there at the time. Thank you.

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Date:2011-12-26 12:00
Subject:Christmas Report 2011
Mood: pleased

It's a shame there's no "Merry" mood setting in LJ, it would be very fitting right now. I'll go with the next most apt one then as I give my report of how awesome Christmas 2011 went for me :D, because it was good and fun with family and worth writing down about, I think.

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Date:2011-07-27 03:33
Subject:The Best Birthday Present Ever
Mood: jubilant

So, I'm writing yet another entry here, this time to commemorate a trip/holiday/adventure I've just returned home from. Most of the people I'm expecting to read this will be the ones I visited, but I still want to preserve the wonderful time I had in words <3.

Note: Not likely to be a short entry, hehehe.

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Date:2011-07-08 13:00
Subject:Call Me XXV
Mood: jubilant

Carrying on my thoroughly out-of-character practice of short concise LJ posts, it's my birthday today ^^. Feel free to leave well wishes, donate e-hugs/e-cake/e-presents and such and pay people the money you owe from betting that I wouldn't last this long in the comments below <3.

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Date:2011-06-28 18:00
Subject:A Quiet But Happy Milestone
Mood: cheerful

This will be a short update from me (no seriously, not just for me). Today marked the completion of a year of monthly community events I began running in a forum a moderate on the website Neoseeker, called the Neo-Duelist League (just laying it all out for anyone not up to speed). The NDL, as most call it, is a wonderful place that is very dear to me for the many friends and creativity expression I have there, but it has historically struggled for consistent activity, often having people dropping out and leaving many threads unfinished and such. However, over time we have managed to build it up with work and passion such that it now thrives more than it ever has in a history that dates back to 2004, and we are in a veritable golden age that has lasted for some time now, and can be exemplified well by the writing challenges I run each month that started in July of last year, with this month's having finished just today, completing the full-round circuit. Caring for the place as I do, for the wonderful freedom to explore my creative writing and the many good people I've met there, and knowing firsthand of its long history of struggling and being in severe disarray, this milestone and the prolonged period of prosperity it represents are really special to me, and I'm celebrating by feasting upon 2 (buy 1 get 1 free) large Stuffed Crust Meat Feast pizzas and a full bar of Vienetta Ice Cream, all to myself (not all in one sitting, mind), and it is glorious.

Not everything is sunshine and ice cream for me, not by far. Just today I also found out I'll have to move houses, and face a court process that although I am not at fault in any respect in, could still be a dangerous road to walk. I am still trying to get employed, which has eluded me despite my efforts and top-rate qualifications, and my bank balance is a fine one. I am uncertain about my future, my home, my career, and also worry for some of the people around me. I'm not sure where I'm going, honestly, something that isn't new as of this moment. But, despite the uncertainties and other hardships, it's been good, this general stretch of time the last year fits into, and not just in terms of the NDL either. Whatever happens next, even if the good times end, I'm happy for that, and grateful for the memories that I get to take with me.

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Date:2010-11-29 00:00
Subject:Interesting Times
Mood: busy

I'm not quite sure how to start this entry off, as it's about a few assorted things rather than a singular main topic. So for lack of a better plan, I guess I'll just dive right in :D.

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Date:2010-07-08 22:46
Subject:It's My Birthday!
Mood: cheerful

It's a bit late in the day, but whoohoo, I'm 24 ^^! I've just gotten back from a meal out with my father, where I feasted upon absolutely delicious food, including fresh garlic bread with cheese, chicken, beef and some other meat I didn't catch the name of but oh, was it succulent, a main course of awesomely fresh and tasty chips, and a mammoth of a prime beef burger topped with juicy bacon and melted cheese, plus some ketchup and mayo, and a finishing course of extremely tasty vanilla ice cream with chocolate sauce. I am stuffed full of contented yummy <3.

I don't have much more to say in this entry, so it may be my shortest to date, ever XD. Some people have already wished me Happy Birthday early or today, but to any whom leave their kind regards here, thank yous ^^. There's a lot going on in my life as of late, but this entry, and today, is just about yay, birthday, and not worrying about the other stuff. I've had a good time, and gotten some good presents. It's a bit of a short list, but I made out with 2 new albums, Renegades by Feeder and The Resistance by Muse, two of my favourite bands I was behind the curve on for newer material, a couple of books from the Discworld series, which I adore and one of which I've never read before, £20 spending money from a card, and unexpectedly a new wireless mouse and keyboard, which I didn't ask for but hey, new gadgets, cool XD.

So that's the entry, no LJ cuts, no extended discourse. It is my Birthday, and I am Happy. Well wishes will be received with love and gratitude.

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Date:2010-06-03 12:38
Subject:Voices Of The Lifestream
Mood: cheerful

It's no secret that I love Final Fantasy VII. I won't tell you that it's the best, or perfect, only that I love it. I own the original Final Fantasy VII for the Playstation, way back around the time it first came out, and a well-worn copy of the official strategy guide. I own Advent Children on DVD and will get Advent Children Complete on Blu-Ray one day when I have a means to play Blu-Ray. I have and have beaten Dirge of Cerberus on the PS2, and asked for a PSP for Christmas one year purely to get Crisis Core with it, which I have also beaten. I own about as much of the Compilation of Final Fantasy VII as it is reasonably possible for me to at this time, so yeah, I'm a fan.

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Date:2009-10-07 12:00
Subject:Coming And Going
Mood: bouncy

Before I start this off, I just wanna say thanks to everyone that replied to my last entry. It really means a lot to me ^^.

Since the stuff I talked about then, I've been trying to relax and catch up on things, and that's going pretty well, although I've been kept pretty busy, so the relaxing part has been a while coming, hehehe. A lot of what I've been doing is related to my personal hobbies and interests, and documenting it all here would be kinda long-winded and tedious, so I'll just say that stuff is going promisingly :D. However, a couple of special noteworthy things have happened for me in the last month, namely getting to see 2 different online friends, one for the first time and the other for the second and her birthday. It's a really awesome treat for me to meet these people face to face, so that's what this is about :D.

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Date:2009-07-11 01:20
Subject:Something Important
Mood: relieved

I'm not one to blog much usually, so normally when I do I don't mind if people don't have time to read it, and kind of let my thoughts wander and just write out what comes to mind, which is typically a lot and not very concise. This time is different though. I'll try to keep it short and reasonably to the point, and just this time I want to ask anyone that cares about me to read this and leave a comment, so even if you already know this and have spoken to me about it, I ask this of you, please, it really matters to me.

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Date:2008-12-23 21:00
Subject:An Early Christmas Present
Mood: rejuvenated

Haha, every time I write an entry this interface gets more fiddly XD. LJ, flashy extras before core functionality eh?

I'm gonna yet again make some effort to be concise here, fully aware that I may and probably will fail, but hey, better chances if I try than not, right? Anyway, I've got 3 things to share, 2 opening acts and then the main event.

Things And MeCollapse )

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Date:2008-07-09 21:43
Subject:Me And My Life
Mood: thoughtful

Every time I come back and make another entry, I seem to remark on how long it's been since my last one. I think that's just a detail of how I live, I do a lot of things, so much that I'm too busy doing them to write about them, more often than not, I'd rather do more of these things, or other things, and those who are interested are either there at the time, will see later, or I let them know personally. That's something I'll come back to shortly in this post, but in any case, I don't think I'm the journaling type, I only got this because a friend nagged me into it, although I'm grateful that she did, even if it's not been what an LJ is to some, I've had a number of fun times thanks to this place, and it was responsible for giving form to a personal character of mine, Zone, he owes his species to the mood emotes I use here. So yeah, I'm definitely grateful to that one friend for convincing me to get an LJ, even if I rarely use it these days.

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Date:2007-09-19 20:57
Subject:Sanctioned Vandalism And Harassment
Mood: amused

Hehe, man, I'm suddenly using this place again. I've been saying to myself and others I'm working through a lot of one-time work that's difficult and time-consuming, but once it's done it's done, maybe I can take this as a sign there's some truth to that XD. Anyway, I have a little story to tell.

PS: Updated and complete.

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Date:2007-09-14 15:27
Subject:Behold, Another Entry
Mood: sleepy

Hehehe, figures, I don't post here for half a year then post twice in what, less than a week XD? Well there's a reason.

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Date:2007-09-07 22:57
Subject:Still Ticking
Mood: productive

Hehe, like I said about half a year ago, I don't find much time for this place XD. I'm so busy doing stuff that I hardly find time to write about it. Still, for anyone who's interested, I have a sneaking suspicion that'll consist almost entirely of people I link to this myself XD, here's what's up with your tyrannous neighbourhood furball.

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Date:2007-02-21 17:47
Subject:The Answer Is 42
Mood: bouncy

Hehe, I really struggle to find time for this place XD, not that I don't like it, I'm just, busy with a lot of stuff. That said, even if I did have more time, I don't think I'm the type to record stuff going on in my life unless it's somewhat significant, to me at least. That said, here comes something fairly meaningful to me!

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Date:2006-09-19 22:18
Subject:Original Crisis

This is an archive for my Devil May Cry based story Original Crisis, starring me, Zone The Tyrant Hamster, and also Reiko and Arson, who both belong to my awesome friend bustahead ^^. Reviews and feedback can be made on FF.net here, which has all of this content save the last chapter, which is a bonus for my close friends :).

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